Turning Ever Expanding Data into Real-Time Business Transformation

Enabling SMART Insights on Trusted Data through
Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain

Current problems inherent in multiple industries include:

Lack of Digitization

Leading to manual 'paper-driven' processes and lack of visibility

Manual "Stare and Compare" Processes

Leading to error in validation and broken chain of custody

Fragmented Data

Investment risk due to lack of visibility and quality issues

We are NEST Global Solutions

We help companies clean up the data chaos caused by physical documents and unstructured data, thereby helping them cross the regulatory and privacy chasm so that they can take advantage of next-generation technologies to transform their operations in real-time. We get the process right, BEFORE automating.

We are currently focusing our go-to-market strategy in the Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, and Municipal Bond industries. From Origination to Underwriting to Servicing to Structuring Securities, there are massive data management challenges that NEST is well positioned to help companies to significantly improve their operations and organizational value.

Increase Efficiency & Reduce Risk

NEST delivers next generation data digitization and intelligence solutions to increase and improve an organization’s agility and scalability in their business operations.

Our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain platform increases efficiency, reduces risk and mitigates fraud by providing smart insights on trusted data.

Many organizations are confronted with a lack of and/or inferior digitization which leads to manual and paper-driven processes and a lack of visibility and necessary transparency. This creates errors in data validation and a broken chain of custody. NEST addresses these challenges directly via our SMART Digital Transformation Framework (DTF), creating data lineage and data provenance to enhance operations and increase an organization’s overall value.

Products & Services

Our AI-enabled suite of products and services combined with the NEST Digital Transformation Framework creates efficiencies for front, middle, and back operations. We are focused on data lineage via Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), quality control, and delivering document validation to assist organizations with achieving data provenance.

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